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We aim to make it easy for you to learn about, invest in and enjoy the benefits of saving energy and/or generating your own renewable heat or electricity in your home or business.

We provide practical information and advice on all aspects of energy efficiency and renewable energy, and help you to find and choose the right local installer across the UK.

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Can nanotechnology make solar PV 80% efficient?

Posted by Alex Barrett on 28th February 2017

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems are a great way to produce renewable power by converting the energy in sunlight into electricity. However sunlight comes in a wide range of wavelengths, both visible and invisible. The current ge…

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Can nanotechnology make solar PV 80% efficient?

How do I handle the ash from my biomass boiler?

Posted by Trish O'Flynn on 27th February 2017

In this video SuperHomer Mark Brown reveals the suprisingly small amount of ash produced by his wood pellet boiler after burning through around  4.5 tonnes of wood pellets each year. Mark lives in a five bedroom house in S…

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How do I handle the ash from my biomass boiler?

Why zone your heating?

Posted by Alex Barrett on 24th February 2017

Central heating systems are great for keeping the house warm during the cold winter months. Even in the spring and summer they can frequently come in handy. But it does cost a lot of energy to heat your home. As much as 60% of …

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Why zone your heating?
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If you give great customer service and get most of your business from word of mouth, then we want to work with you. YouGen can help you to:

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The Gaurdian
"To find a reputable installer … look on the excellent website… The site describes how each technology works, the costs and any pitfalls. It also has a forum on which individuals can recommend installers they have used, all with an Amazon-style rating."
- Miles Brignall, The Guardian
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