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Advertising on YouGen

Advertising on YouGen

YouGen is funded by advertising. This takes a variety of forms:

  • We charge companies for their entry in our searchable directory of recommended installers and suppliers. Rates start at just £10 per month. Click here to search for an installer. Click here to add your company to the directory of recommended installers and suppliers.
  • We accept banner ads on selected sections of the website. This is open to those companies which advertise in the directory. Contact us for more information.
  • We accept limited ads in our monthly newsletter. Contact us for more information.
  • We also accept affiliate advertisements from companies. This means that if you click on the ad, and buy the product it is advertising, we will get a small commission. We are very selective over the companies we choose to take affiliate ads from. When they appear in text form, we will mark the link with an asterisk*.
  • Sponsorship opportunities are also available. Contact us to request a media pack.

Our aim is to give independent information that enables people to make good decisions about renewable products and suppliers. We pride ourselves in our editorial independence, and the acceptance of an advertisement should not be seen as an endorsement of a product, service or company. We retain the right to refuse bookings from companies we feel do not meet our standards we expect.

We take the view that our visitors are bright enough to make up their own minds about whether to click on an ad or not, and to weigh up any claims made in it. Please note that views stated in the ads or blogs are not necessarily the views of YouGen or its staff.

If you want to advertise on YouGen, in YouGen emails or would like a media pack please contact us by email or telephone 01908 699999.

Affliate Partners

We also accept affiliate links on selected products and services. We only ever recommend products that we have tried ourselves, and are happy to heartily recommend. Once we have written about them we check to see if it is possible to set up an affiliate link - this means that if you click through and buy the product or service, we get paid for the introduction. We will mark affiliate links with an asterisk*. However, if there is not a paid link available we will still recommend the product and will provide a non-paying link as a matter of course.

Current affiliates include:

If you want to affiliate partner with YouGen please contact us by email or telephone 01908 699999.
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