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Posted by Cathy Debenham on 27 April 2009 at 9:52 am

Last week a dream became reality for me. Three and a half years after I threw my hands in the air and bought a condensing gas boiler because, despite days of research, I couldn't be sure whether the various biomass boilers suppliers were trying to sell me were appropriate for my house; whether there was a stable supply of wood pellets, whether they could be delivered up our steep drive, or whether biomass was even a sensible option for us.

What I wanted was reassurance that the suppliers I was talking to were reputable and would do a good job. I'd have loved to talk to other people with pellet boilers, to see how they were finding them. I'd have been more confident if the suppliers who were quoting had actually visited my house, and seen the set up.

There's lots more help and advice around now than there was back in 2005, but in a relatively new market, with lots of new technology, and a few sharks and cowboys around, it's still difficult to know whether you're talking to a reputable supplier and they are offering the most appropriate products for your situation. It is this specific decision point that YouGen aims to help with.

We want to build a community of people interested in renewable energy and low carbon living. This will include suppliers, people who've already revolutionised their energy use, and people who are thinking about it. We hope that everyone will share expertise and help each other.

More specifically:

  • Suppliers can add information about their service and help out by answering people's questions on the blog or volunteering as an energy expert.
  • People with renewable energy can share their stories, pass on what they've learned, and, if appropriate, recommend their supplier.
  • Newcomers can search the information pages, search for a supplier, ask an expert a question on the blog, or mail people who've already got the technology they're looking for.

I hope you enjoy using YouGen, and that it helps you to lower the energy use in your home with confidence. Please let me know what you think, and how you find using it.

Photo by Josef Stuefer


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Eco Environments Ltd

Eco Environments LtdComment left on: 27 April 2009 at 12:53 pm

Great site Cathy, and congratulations on all the hard work coming to fruition. Let's hope people use the site to make informed choices about how to reduce their energy costs/carbon footprint, and to generate their own power!

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