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Win a GEO Minim Home Energy Hub

Posted by Cathy Debenham on 11 December 2009 at 4:56 pm

YouGen will be giving away a GEO Minim Home Energy Hub every month for the next year, to thank people who recommend their renewable energy installer on the site. Everyone who makes a recommendation in the month will be entered in the draw.

We're especially pleased to be able to offer a Minim as the prize because it was found to be most effective and easy to use in recent research by the Centre for Sustainable Energy. Until you understand your energy use it's difficult to start to make your home more energy efficient. And it makes sense to do the easier and cheaper energy efficiency things before investing in renewable energy.

“The Minim Home Energy Monitor makes energy relevant to you,” said James Rankin, marketing and UK sales manager at Green Energy Options. “It makes energy visible by showing you, in a snapshot, how much electricity you are using currently and over time, and it displays this in an easy to understand way. It will also indicate when you are using more electricity than normal alerting you to potential wastage so that you can take action to stop it. The Minim uses a ‘speedometer’ to indicate how much electricity is being used as well as showing consumption in £’s, KG’s of carbon and kWh’s.”

Rating a supplier on YouGen is quick and easy. Companies are scored out of five in five categories: service, product knowledge, explanation of how to use the product, value for money and whether the product meets expectations.  You can add comments and are asked if you would use the company again. So why not rate your supplier now, and we'll automatically enter you in the draw to win the Minim.


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