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Greg Barker launches microgeneration consultation

Posted by Cathy Debenham on 13 July 2010 at 1:01 pm

The government launched the first stage of its strategy to help communities become more self sufficient in how they use heat and power yesterday.

“I want to see more homes, communities and businesses generating their own energy. We can literally bring power back to the people," said Greg Barker, the climate change minister.

Microgeneration is part of his vision:

“By becoming more self sufficient we can create sustainable local energy economies. People and communities can save money on their fuel bills at the same time as generating an income and cutting carbon. I want to work with industry to overcome the challenges it is facing. Together we will create a marketplace for jobs and prosperity alongside products and advice which people trust.”

Rather that draft a traditional strategy document, and ask for feedback on that, Barker is seeking views of people in four key policy areas that can help decarbonise the way we heat homes and businesses - and meet the target of 20% of EU energy from renewables. The strategy will look forward to 2020, and cover England only. It will focus on electricity generation technologies less than 50kW in size and heat generating technologies less than 300kW in size.

 The four key areas are:

  • Quality: ensure consumers have confidence that equipment and installation is reliable and adheres to the highest standards
  • Technology: examine how to improve products through more trialling of technologies new to the UK
  • Skills: develop the microgeneration supply chain to ensure it is properly equipped with the right people to meet the expected rise in demand, as well as creating and sustaining jobs in the UK
  • Advice: provide more accessible advice and information about Microgeneration to homeowners, communities and small businesses.

Questions around these four key areas will be posted on the microgeneration strategy webpage to help people respond.

Responses should be sent to  by the closing date of 22 December 2010. The government aims to publish the final strategy in early 2011. 


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