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Wind and solar electricity: a practical DIY guide

Posted by Max Sillars on 27 September 2010 at 9:34 am

So many guides to wind and solar electricity repeat the same high level principles that by now we all know, and then fizzle out into lists of pricey sounding specialist consultancies. Not Andy Reynolds! This is definitely the best guide I've read over the last decade.

The layout of the information is carefully designed to satisfy the reader that wants to make strategic plans but isn't ready to wade through detail yet. At the same time, the serious DIY student has everything in one place for a steep couple of years learning curve - which is excellent value at just under a tenner.

Initially some of the pictures seemed odd choices alongside a book filled with so many useful, practical diagrams and close up photos. But as the book progresses, it becomes clear that Andy Reynolds is passing on much more than the mere expertise of a highly accomplished craftsman.  His devotion and enthusiasm combine to create an inspirational - and these days truly rare - insight into what the practical application of positive thinking can actually achieve on a personal level.

Whatever stage you're at in the thinking or doing experience of home generation, this book is an absolute must.

Reynolds, A: (2009). Wind & Solar Electricity - a practical DIY guide is available from the UK Low Impact Living Initiative (LILI) for £9.95.

About the author: Max Sillars is a home generation DIY enthusiast.

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