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Industry calls on Prime Minister to sort out solar mess

Posted by Cathy Debenham on 13 January 2012 at 10:17 am

The Solar industry is calling on the Prime Minister to intervene to end the uncertainty over solar power in the UK and put the technology on a sustainable footing.

The call comes on crunch day for the UK's solar industry, and those who want to install solar panels. Today, the Department of Energy and Climate Change will find out whether or not it has leave to appeal against the ruling that its decision to cut the rates of the feed-in tariff before the end of the consultation is 'unlawful'.

We've joined chairmain of the Solar Trade Association Howard Johns and leaders of the solar industry in signing the letter, which says: 

Dear Prime Minister,

We are writing to ask you to intervene to end the uncertainty over solar and to put the system on a strong sustainable footing.

Any system which allows retrospective changes to feed-in tariff rates, as Government barristers are arguing for in court today, is anathema to investment certainty – not just for solar, but wider green investment.

We agree that tariff rates should fall in line with dropping solar panel costs. Government should make this happen lawfully by bringing a proposal before Parliament immediately.

Every day of is a further delay: costing jobs with empty solar order books, scuppering clean energy projects, and keeping fuel prices high including for some of the poorest people in social housing who would have benefited.

The Treasury’s arbitrary cap which is set to close the scheme down to one tenth its size must be lifted – funded by tax receipts from the solar industry. Government plans for new eligibility restrictions must be changed because they would block nine out of 10 homes from having solar panels.  Tariff rates must also be set for community and housing association solar schemes to go ahead.

30,000 jobs are on the line as well as your government’s green credibility – please sort out this mess.

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banjaxComment left on: 13 January 2012 at 11:56 am

Does the government find the case for solar photovoltaic (PV) unconvincing?

Is integration for renewables the way forward?  In the medium term with existing fossil fuels systems and long term with other renewables?

Is there any cohesive strategy involved to move away from fossil fuels?  

Having recently visited my local Green store it became evident that the renewable products companies are relying totally on the sales techniques of the SME? Where is the marketing strategies of the renewable products companies? 

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