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Just two weeks for owners of energy-guzzling buildings to claim the top rate of feed-in tariff

Posted by Cathy Debenham on 16 March 2012 at 3:28 pm

Solar PV installations will only be eligible for the full feed-in tariff from 1 April if the building they are mounted on, or wired to, have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of at least band D. This leaves a brief window of opportunity for the owners of old, drafty buildings to get in before the rules change.

The current rate of 21p per kWh of electricity generated for up to 4kW installations (index-linked and paid for 25 years) can still give an attractive rate of return for people with a south facing roof, and money in the bank. With British Gas announcing recently that energy bills are likely to continue to increase for the next 10 years, the return may well increase over time.

While many buildings will be able to achieve a band D with the installation of solar panels, and some cheap and easy measures such as loft and cavity wall insulation, others will be very expensive to bring up to scratch. Owners of hard-to-improve buildings should act now, as the rate will never be so attractive for them again.

On 1 April the generation tariff reduces from 21p per kWh to 9p per kWh for those who cannot produce an EPC of D or above. Call an installer today, before they all leave for Ecobuild!

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