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Readers tips of the month - April 2012

Posted by Cathy Debenham on 27 April 2012 at 11:10 am

We're always keen to hear your tips about you make your homes and businesses more energy efficient - and how you get the best out of your renewable energy. Here's our favourite tips and stories from the past month.

Chemeng says: "Our PV system has reduced our annual grid electricity usage by about a third, following also replacing our windows and doors with A-rated glazing using argon fill, soft spacers and Planibel coating.

"Our annual gas usage has fallen by 40% after replacing the system boiler with a Viessman 200W with modulating burner and weather compensation and eliminating use of a single wall thermostat. Use of radiator thermostatic valves gives room by room temperature control and a much more even temperature throughout the house."

Roger20 advises: "Get an inverter that offers Bluetooth communication with a PC/laptop." (If you like data this is ideal - you can manipulate it to your heart's content.)

He adds: "Go for a panel manufacturer that will be around in 25 years time! Look carefully at T&Cs - particularly warranty/deposit protection. Be aware that the inverter will possibly/probably need to be replaced within the 25 year feed-in tariff period.

David Burton reports a noticeable improvement in temperature from cavity wall insulation. He also points out that light tunnels are very good for providing natural light where there are no windows.

Photo by Bryn Pitzgauer


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