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Readers tips of the month - insulation and condensation

Posted by Cathy Debenham on 26 July 2012 at 10:33 am

Insulation and condensation often appear in the same sentence - but you surely don't want them to appear together in your house. So my favourite tip from YouGen readers is the following sage advice from Harmsy who says:

"Before insulating in the loft to 'modern standards' do check that the ceiling underneath is as air tight as it can be. We had 3-5 mm gaps around beams that meant hot, moist air was entering the loft space in the winter. This condensed on the sloping roof and - literally - rained on the insulation! Sealing the gaps stopped the condensation."

Jmcclean has also been insulating the solid walls of a Victorian house: "I have applied a foam wallpaper (10mm thick) to the insides of all external walls in my Victorian house - it has made a big difference to the insulation. Not cheap but worth it. It is manufactured by Sempatap."

And if you want proof that there are more benefits to renewable energy than the quarterly feed-in tariff payments, read this. Kazi says: "fantastic solar panels, [they] have changed how I think about electricity".

Photo by Matthew Kirkland


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