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7 top tips for getting your award entry noticed

Posted by Gilly Jones on 7 August 2012 at 9:06 am

Who doesn’t like being recognised for a job well done? Awards are brilliant for PR and marketing, and we know from personal experience here at YouGen, that even reaching the finals of any award creates a buzz, and as for winning, well.....

We’d love your business to have that buzz too, so we’ve pull together some simple tips to make sure you’re in with a chance for this year's awards, whether it be the installer of the year category of the SW Green Energy Awards that we're sponsoring - or other regional or national awards:

1. Read the guidelines! Ensure that you’ve answered all the questions that the judging panel are asking for. Create a checklist and ensure everything is covered.

2. Deadlines. Complete your submission well in advance of the deadline (Saturday 10 September 2012 for SW Green Energy Awards).

3. Ask around. Getting insights from your colleagues, business associates and your customers (your recommendations on YouGen is a great starting place) is a great way of making your story more interesting and relevant. You might be pleasantly surprised with the feedback, and it’ll help you pull out your strengths and USP.

4. Keep it simple (and brief). Check for typos, grammatical mistakes, spelling and don’t go over the word count limits. Remember, judges may have read numerous entries before they get to yours, so no waffling.

5. Stick to the truth. Don’t bend the facts, or make spurious claims. Any whiff of it and your entry will be discarded!

6. Make your nomination stand out by telling a good story. Use bullet points for quick scanning or headlines making it possible for judges to make a mental tick off the list of requirements.

7. Cast fresh eyes over your nomination. When you think you’ve finished, pass it to someone who hasn’t been directly involved to take a look.

The SW Green Energy Awards are free to enter. For more details on the award and for the nomination guidelines, go to the RegenSW website.

If you have a question about anything in the above blog, please ask it in the comments section below.

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