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Readers tips of the month - August

Posted by Cathy Debenham on 31 August 2012 at 3:28 pm

Claire Tindel, who has installed solar PV, says "put your dishwasher and washing machine on in the middle of the day" (it's probably best to run them one after the other, rather than together unless you've got a large system, and the sun's shining stronly).

Mike Beale is a 71 year old enthusiastic about renewable energy, conservation etc. He says "Talk to as many companies as you can manage to sense the genuine professional and ethical firms and get 3 or 4 quotes. Research the best and most efficient systems. It is worth paying a bit more for efficient and longer guaranteed products. It is worth paying the going rate with a reputable company that will be around in the long term to proved a service and back-up.

A great bit of sense from Eric Peacock, who has solar PV and thermal, an air source heat pump and a wood burner: " We monitor on a regular basis to check how it is working."

Annelorna has useful advice: "keep the [solar] panels dust free and you get a better return".

And finally, a word of warning from Brenda Boardman: "Have had solar thermal for 14 years and just had it refurbished. That was required because I had not replaced the antifreeze soon enough and it had gone 'off'. Expensive mistake."


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