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Enthusiasm and a warm welcome at Renewable Energy Marketplace

Posted by Alison Griffiths on 19 March 2013 at 9:02 am

Walking around the Renewable Energy Marketplace at Westpoint in 2012 I was struck by the sheer energy and enthusiasm of the exhibitors. As a business writer covering a myriad of subjects I have visited many shows and almost without fail the exhibitors tend to be a mix of the enthusiastic, the "only speak when spoken to" and the "stand at the back and talk among ourselves".

But at the Renewable Energy Marketplace the overwhelming impression was of a host of exhibitors all eagerly looking to share their knowledge and help others to save the planet. Perhaps it is the eco-nature of this event which makes the difference; the fact that by installing PV panels or ground source heat pumps, biomass boilers or insulation, businesses and individuals can make a real difference whilst saving costs.

But what makes the Renewable Energy Marketplace so different is that it is not simply there to showcase individual businesses.  Whether you are a landowner, farmer or a community representative, work in the building and construction industry or as an installer; the show has been designed to meet your needs.  Built around a series of hubs the show highlights the latest developments as well as encouraging the sharing of ideas via discussions, demonstrations and case studies.  There is even a green skills hub for those who are looking to train or re-train in the eco-sector.

Wandering around previous Renewable Energy Marketplaces with my business hat on I nevertheless picked up so much information about solar and PV, about ways of saving energy and of going green that I would thoroughly recommend the show to anyone who is looking to take those first, or even second, green steps.  I’ve certainly incorporated some of the ideas within my own home and the opportunities for businesses to save as they go green are immense.

With over 100 installers and suppliers the 2013 Renewable Energy Marketplace on 19 March looks to be as good as ever and I hope that as many businesses as possible take advantage of this great opportunity to save money and save resources.

YouGen discounts for the Renewable Energy Marketplace

Buy your tickets on the door: 
Use the discount code 'YouGen' to get £5 off the ticket price of £15.
Use the discount code 'YouGenConference' to get £10 off the ticket price of £55.

YouGen's Cathy Debenham will be on hand between 3 and 4pm in the Green Skills zone to answer questions about marketing your renewable energy business, and other energy efficiency related matters.

About the author: Alison writes about subjects in the trades, business and eco fields.

If you have a question about anything in the above blog, please ask it in the comments section below.

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