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What happens to the FIT if your solar panels are destroyed in a fire?

Posted by Cathy Debenham on 23 May 2013 at 9:48 am

Q: We fitted  a 3.2kw solar panel system in August 2011 were on the higher levy (feed-in tariff rate). We had a house fire in March 2012 and rebuilt the house putting a complete new system on it. We notified British Gas, who we signed up with about the fire and they said notify them when we were back up and running, which we did complete with the new MCS certificate, which was commissioned in February 2013. When we did this we were told that we would be on the new FIT rate which is a lot lower. We can not find any information on this and we do not know if this is true or false and feel this is not right.

A: This is the first case of this sort I have come across so I contacted both DECC and Ofgem in an attempt to find a definitive answer. Sadly, after being batted from one to the other I am not much the wiser.

DECC said that the first point of contact would be your FIT licensee, which is obviously of no help to you as it's them that you're not happy with.

Ofgem's spokesman said that he thinks that in cases where parts of the system are intact people can probably go ahead and replace the rest within the same FIT contract; and where the whole system is destroyed then they probably need to start again.

They also said that it's probably one for the energy ombudsman.

I suggest that you do that. And please let us know how you get on, as sadly there will probably be more people in the same situation in future.

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