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What happens to the feed-in tariff if I switch energy suppliers?

Posted by Cathy Debenham on 18 June 2013 at 2:56 pm

Q: I'd like to look for a different energy provider (my current one, nPower isn't paying its tax!). However, I don't want to lose my feed-in tariff (FIT) payments. Can I reapply for them with my new supplier and is it a complicated procedure? Or will my old supplier keep paying the FIT payments even if I'm not with them for power any more?

A: You can change energy supplier, and you can change FIT supplier and you don't necessarily have to use the same company for both. However, the big six, of which nPower is one, don't tend to like being your FIT supplier if you buy your electricity from another big six company.

The big six, along with Utility Warehouse, are what's know as mandatory feed-in tariff suppliers. As they have more than 50,000 domestic customers they must offer a service to their own customers, those of non-mandatory suppliers, and off-grid customers as feed-in tariff generators.

They can take on any other FIT generator who asks, if they wish to do so, but it is not obligatory. So if you move, say, to British Gas or EDF, the likelihood is that nPower will want you to move your FIT account too. If you move to one of the smaller companies like Ecotricity or Good Energy, then you should be able to leave the FIT supply where it is.

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