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Worried about energy prices? Take control!

Posted by greentomatoenergy . on 22 November 2013 at 10:02 am

According to the department of energy and climate change's (DECC) public attitudes tracker, 28% of us are giving a lot of thought to saving energy at home and 84% of us are concerned about energy price rises in the future.  This 84% of us are right to be concerned as the majority of the big six energy companies has announced significant price increases over the past few weeks. 

We’ve all listened to the debate about the causes for the price rises -  wholesale energy prices, infrastructure, green levies.  The numbers change and the politicians argue.  The fundamental facts are: there are more of us, chasing fewer resources; our infrastructure is out of date; we’ve got to find alternative sources of fuel; and we’re using more energy-hungry appliances every day. Whatever your politics, your attitude to climate change or your thoughts on the ‘Big Six,’ the conclusion is clear: prices are already high and are set to increase.  

The easy answer is to blame the energy companies and wait for someone else to find a solution. But they can’t do anything about demand and supply or the need to spend on infrastructure. The “green cr*p” only makes up a small percentage of our bills and is likely to be moved on to the tax bill anyway. We’ll be paying for it whatever we do.

Making your home more energy efficient enables you to take control of your energy use, minimising your need and protecting you against the politics of energy pricing. What will you lose by doing so? You’ll know what you’re using, your property will be more comfortable and you’ll be spending less on your energy bills. The benefits are clear.

It’s not necessary to spend thousands of pounds or to take out expensive loans either - there are lots of easy wins you can adopt. These can make a big difference. Small changes in behaviour can help a lot too. The more fundamental changes, such as insulation can be planned and budgeted for in the future or carried out at the same time as other works - all you need is a plan!

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About the author: greentomatoenergy specialises in cost-effective renewable technologies and low carbon building.

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