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New MCS standards for renewable heat installers

Posted by Tasha Kosviner on 3 February 2014 at 10:28 am

Installers of renewable energy technologies will have to complete a compliance certificate for every installation, in order to meet new standards set out by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).

The certificate is part of a range of measures the MCS has introduced in preparation for the launch of the domestic renewable heat incentive (RHI) in spring this year.

Other measures include the mandatory labelling of solar thermal and heat pump installations and the introduction of a new solar thermal energy calculation methodology to work out the annual energy input kWh/year of an installation.

All the new requirements will come into force on March 16, 2014.

The MCS compliance certificate will act as a checklist to ensure that the installation meets the requirements of the MCS’s microgeneration installation standard, and is therefore eligible to apply for RHI. A copy of the certificate must be provided to the customer at the time of installation, and customers will need the certificate in order to apply for RHI. Copies of the certificate are available from the installer standards section of the MCS website.

In addition, the MCS has produced a new competency criteria for installers wishing to gain certification. The initiative is aimed at helping installers to better understand how to become certified and making it clearer how to update their skills to meet the requirements of the scheme.

To complement the new competency criteria, the MCS has developed an online competency checker tool designed to allow installers to identify, and fill, gaps in the training and experience of their employees.

The guidance also gives details of the requirement that all heat technology installations intended for domestic RHI application to meet the domestic RHI metering guidance. The guidance states that all installations be meter ready, so that the government can install meters If required. Actual meters are required to be installed where a heat pump or biomass boiler is installed alongside another fossil fuel system or renewable space heating system; or where a heat pump or biomass boiler is being installed in a second home.

More details of the requirements to label solar thermal and heat pump installations are outlined in the appendices to the MCS’s solar thermal standard and heat pump standard respectively.

A summary of all the changes to the MCS standards can be found here.

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