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Comedy club uses heat from the kitchen to produce hot water

Posted by Tasha Kosviner on 31 March 2014 at 8:24 am

Anyone who has ever worked in a commercial kitchen knows how temperatures can soar.

Throwing open the windows and sticking on the fans is the obvious solution. But now an innovative new technology has been developed which harnesses the heat kicked out by stoves and fridges to heat water.

Ideal for restaurants and bars, the Stiebel Eltron WWK300AH hot water heat pump uses a fan to draw in ambient hot air, using it to heat water inside the tank.

It’s a solution that’s no laughing matter at an east London comedy club where it's not just the performers who are full of hot air. The Backyard Bar and Comedy Club, owned by comedian Lee Hurst, had the technology installed in their high temperature kitchens, during a recent rebuild project.

“When we were fitting-out the club it was essential to have something like this to meet building regulations,” says Dan Dearlove, the club's general manager. “But when we realised that the heat pump would take all the natural heat from the kitchen to generate our hot water, it was a no-brainer.
“The pump is very quiet, looks smart, doesn’t take up a lot of room and we get high temperature hot water when we need it.”

The pump provides up to 300 litres of hot water, at a temperature of 55 degC, for the sinks in nine men’s and women’s toilets as well as fulfilling the hot water requirements in the kitchen. On the rare occassions the hot water runs out - which happens very occasionally when the club is at capacity - an electric booster kicks in. 

Exhaust air heat pumps are not eligible for money under the renewable heat initiative

The pump also has the added benefit of cooling the kitchen. 

Richard Myers, Stiebel Eltron UK’s South East specification manager, said: “The WWK300AH offers a huge amount of potential for hospitality and leisure businesses to significantly reduce their fuel bills while being environmentally friendly. The heat pump maximises energy efficiency, taking the ambient air which would otherwise go to waste and converting this to heat the water in the cylinder.

“The unit is one of the most efficient heat pumps on the market, giving up to 80 per cent on energy savings compared to an electric storage water heater.”

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