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How do I apply for the domestic renewable heat incentive?

Posted by Tasha Kosviner on 14 April 2014 at 2:20 pm

Now the domestic renewable heat incentive is finally live, anyone with an eligible installation will be champing at the bit to get started.

To apply, you need three pieces of documentation:

Your MCS certificate (supplied by your installer at the time of commissioning);

Your green deal advice report (you must get a green deal assessment in order to be eligible, unless you are a self-builder);

Your energy performance certificate (EPC- this will be supplied as part of your green deal assessment).

Once you have collected these three things, go to the Ofgem e-serve site to start your application.

Initially you will be asked basic information about yourself, your property and the system you have installed. You will then be invited to set up an account and begin the full application.

This is where you will be asked to enter your MCS certificate number, your green deal advice report number and your EPC number. You will also be asked questions about the cost of buying and installing the heating system, how your property was heated previously and the type of fuel used.

Finally, you will be asked for your bank details so that payments can be processed.

Some applicants may need to provide additional information for example if they are a registered landlord or if the property falls into the category of requiring metering for payment.

The application process has been staggered and is currently open to anyone with new installations (those that were commissioned after the 9 April 2014 launch date)  and anyone with an installation made prior to the launch date (a so-called legacy installation) that did not receive the upfront renewable heat premium payment (RHPP).

(Anyone not included in the first wave can view the application timetable under Application Process here.)

You make your application online and Ofgem are predicting it should take between 15 and 30 minutes to complete. Once your application is submitted you will get an instant reply, stating whether you have been accepted, denied or if your case is under review.

A manuel review may happen if, for example, your green deal advice report recommends insulation but you believe your property is exempt; you have received a non-RHPP grant; the property is a self build; you are taking part in the voluntary metering and monitoring service; you are a legacy applicant and have had your heat pumps seasonal performance factor reassessed; you apply with a product that is MCS-certified but is not on the product eligibility list or you apply for a heating system that is made up of more than one product.

Ofgem maintain that the application process is straightforward and that there should be no need to pay an external company to help you. In fact, many YouGen users were among those who took part in early tests of the application process. 

Even in cases where manual reviews are required, early reports coming back to us suggest that Ofgem have been relatively punctual and clear when dealing with concerns.

However, there have been some early teething problems – for example initially the system wasn’t recognising some bank account numbers although Ofgem say this is now fixed. If you do experience difficulty, you can call the Ofgem helpline on 0300 003 0744 and do let us know how you get on via the comments at the bottom of this page.

If you haven’t yet had your green deal assessment, have a look at this blog about choosing your green deal assessor.

For more information on the application process see Ofgem’s essential guide for applicants

More information 

YouGen guide to the renewable heat incentive

Domestic renewable heat incentive: your questions answered

If you have a question about anything in the above blog, please ask it in the comments section below.

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3 comments - read them below or add one


tomfromfifeComment left on: 29 May 2014 at 5:11 pm


I went through the RHI application process. My GSHP was installed in 2010 and I received a 30% grant at that time. There were some glitches with the application web site, which they sorted out but they didn't understand the grant that I received so that took some explaining. Note that if you had any other grant, which was not RHPP then you can apply now. If you had RHPP then apply later.

I put together a spreadsheet to calculate what I would receive and it was spot on. Even with the grant taken off the RHI payments I will receive enought to pay for all my electricity for the next 7 years. My house is all electric.

The annoying thing is that they set the SPF to 2.5 in the RHI calculation and my house would have given a much better SPF if the calculation was made and therefore a higher payment. So if you have a very well insulated house with UFH then it's probably worth having the SPF calculated. You can't change it after they have calculated the payments.

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Tasha Kosviner

Tasha KosvinerComment left on: 16 April 2014 at 2:11 pm

Hi BlueMooner

Sorry to hear you've had a frustrating time.

Yes, the application is currently only open to new installations and those who did not receive the upfront RHPP, which I'm assuming from your comment you did? It is frustrating to have to wait even longer having already waited so long - I installed in 2011 so I feel your pain! - but I guess Ofgem didn't want a new system to be overrun with thousands of applicants straight away.

The green deal assessment is also a frustrating extra expense we weren't expecting. But again I don't  think it's a bad thing that homes are checked to ensure that they aren't leaking heat and thus negating the carbon saving benefits of the renewable heat they're generating.

Have patience - providing you fulfil the eligibility criteria, it will come! 


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BlueMoonerComment left on: 16 April 2014 at 2:01 pm

Oh dear I have just come off the phone after a rather circuituous conversation with EST where I seem to have more knowledge than their so called advisors about the scheme.  Am utterly fed up with this, installed in 2013 to meet the March cut off date only to find it then got shelved whilst the government dilly-dallied on everything and now am disgusted to find we still cannot apply and also now need to pay for a green deal retrospectively.  What an utter shambles this whole scheme is!  Thankfully my recently installed PV panels are proving somewhat more successful. 

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