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Reader tips of the month: solar PV

Posted by Gilly Jones on 22 August 2014 at 4:01 pm

Here's our favourite tips from the past month. It's not just the price you need to think about when considering installing solar PV.

Bassmantrev is a building supervisor for social landlord based in the west midlands, and has installed a 3kw with 12 x 250 watt array. He says: “I did my homework, so knew the score with panels,  fit etc  but John the Solar Electrician is honest, straight forward and will explain things in layman’s terms. Very knowledgeable, and  that knowledge comes with experience.”

He added:  “It’s not just a system you pay for; it’s the aftercare too .... these systems should last 20 years plus!!!”

Ark, who’s installed solar pv, says: “We found that there is very little and sometimes misleading (sales) information regarding types of panels and equipment required.

Ark advised:” After speaking to Bruce at Eternal it's clear to me that different installation and locations may require different solutions.”

Chrisp  says: “I would have like to know where to get detailed performance estimates, rather than the basic figures that all installers are obliged to quote. Independent Energy Systems were able to tell me where I could find believable performance estimates.”

Here is out top ten tips for choosing a good solar PV installer (it’s a bit old but the principles still stand). Click here to learn how to find a recommended installer on YouGen, whether it’s for solar panels, biomass  boilers or heat pumps; or even energy efficiency measures.

We're always keen to hear your tips about you how you get the best out of your renewable energy or make your homes and businesses more energy efficient, so do drop us an email.

Photo credit: Dept of Energy Solar Decathlon, Compfight CC

More information about Solar Electricity on YouGen.

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