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Can a village hall get a grant for a biomass boiler and claim RHI?

Posted by Cathy Debenham on 19 January 2015 at 9:27 am

Q: I have recently taken over as treasurer of a local village hall. Our heating is all electric. We want to put in a biomass boiler. With donations only will we qualify for renewable heat incentive (RHI)? If we get grants will we qualify for RHI? If we get a lottery grant will we qualify for RHI? Reading all the blogs I realise now that we may not. Is there a definitive answer? Also do you know if we have to reach certain insulation criteria to qualify for RHI?

A: As a village hall, you will be applying to the non-domestic RHI. That's good news in that the returns are much higher, but it does mean that you won't be eligible if you have received a grant 'made by a public authority from public funding'. I'm not sure whether lottery funding counts as 'public', so I suggest you check with Ofgem - you can find its guidance here.

I don't think that there are any requirements for insulation for non-commercial RHI (although it would be wise to check the Ofgem guidance as I'm not 100% confident on this one). However, if it's possible to insulate first, it makes sense, as then you wouldn't need such a big boiler - so it would be cheaper to buy and to run.

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