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What YouGen readers liked: top 10 blogs of 2014

Posted by Cathy Debenham on 5 January 2015 at 2:01 pm

With an election on the horizon it's hard to know what's going to happen in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors in 2015. Maybe the political parties (and others) will be able to take a hint about what important to householder by looking at our most popular blog last year. This gives us a good clue to what people actually want, rather than what government wants us to want...

1. Our top blog (by numbers of times viewed) has been in the top three every year since it was written in 2011. It answers the question: does cavity wall insulation cause damp and condensation?. Sadly, there are still installers who are putting insulation into unsuitable properties and we regularly get questions about this. For more information our faqs on cavity wall insulation are here.

2. With the launch of the domestic renewable heat incentive (RHI) in 2014 it's not surprising that our question and answer blog on the RHI was a favourite. We haven't counted them up, but it probably tops on number of comments/questions.

3. With the boom in domestic solar panels, how to store the excess electricity is a perennial question. This old blog got the most hits. Here's one on the same subject that is bang up to date.

4. There's not much about thermodynamic panels on YouGen. Maybe we should add more this year as 11,600 people had a look at our Q&A on thermodynamics in 2014.

5. However good your heating system, there are always occasions when you just want to heat one room. But which type of electric heater is the best, and what does it cost?

6. Ikea entered the solar panel market at the end of 2013, so last year lots of people were interested to find out whether they are a good deal.

7. Lightbulbs are much more complicated now. With CFLs and LEDs it's not just a matter of 40, 60 or 100 watts. So it's no surprise that comparing light bulbs: upfront costs vs running costs made it into the top ten.

8. Also popular was the housebuyer's & renter's guide to reading an EPC. A positive sign that people may be ignoring their estate agent and having a good look at them!

9. There are lots of ready made switch devices which channel excess solar-generated electricity to heat the immersion, but this hasn't diminished the popularity of this blog which outlines the DIY way to do it.

10. Inverters are probably the least well understood bit of a solar installation, and we regularly get questions about them. This blog is another regular in our top 10.

Photo: National Insulation Association

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