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New 16 March deadline for Green Deal Home Improvement Fund applications

Posted by NEF Gordon on 5 March 2015 at 12:15 pm

The next deadline for applications to the government’s Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) will be midday on 16 March 2015. The offer has been revised and householders can now apply for up to £5,600 to help with the costs of installing solid wall insulation and other energy saving improvements.

This is the basic revised offer: 
•    up to £3,750 for installing solid wall insulation
•    and/or up to £1,250 for installing two measures from an approved list
•    up to £100 refunded for a Green Deal Assessment
•    up to £500 more if applying within 12 months of buying a new home

So, you can apply for GDHIF funding for solid wall insulation and/or any two of the following energy savings improvements:

•    Cavity wall insulation
•    Condensing mains gas boiler
•    Secondary glazing
•    Double/triple glazing (replacing single glazing)
•    Flat roof insulation
•    Replacement warm air unit
•    Fan-assisted storage heaters
•    Energy efficient replacement doors
•    Floor insulation
•    Room-in-roof insulation
•    Waste water heat recovery

To complete the application process for a voucher, you will need:

1.    A Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR) or Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) that is less than two years old

2.    A quote from a GDHIF registered installer or provider for work specified on the GDAR or EPC and included on the list of GDHIF approved measures. The quote needs to include details such as the property address, the name of the installer, and the total estimated cost of the work to install each measure (including VAT). While it's not mandatory, we strongly urge you to get more than one quote. We also suggest you seek out recommended local installers, and avoid those who cold call you.

3.    Proof of property ownership (only if you are a landlord)

More information about how to apply to the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund.

We recommend you submit your application at midday on 16 March 2015. This third round of funding is worth £70 million. The second round of £24 million was released in December 2014 but funds were allocated within two days of the deadline. The fund launched in June 2014 offering generous grants towards solid wall insulation.

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