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Santa's top 7 festive green tips

Posted by Jason Ramsdale on 21 December 2015 at 9:30 am

Santa's gone green this Christmas. Here, hot off the press, are his 7 top festive green tips:

1. People are an energy source - no not like in the Matrix! Have a party, enjoy yourself in the comfort of knowing all those extra bodies are warming your house for free.

2. Use energy efficient LEDs in your Christmas decorations and solar powered fairy lights outside.

3. Reuse that tree! If you’re using an artificial Christmas tree try to hang onto it for as many years as possible.

4. If you want a real Christmas tree try to find one that is grown locally in the UK. Or better yet, grow your own. Beware though - a Christmas tree can take some maintaining, so you’d better have green fingers!

5. Go natural with decorations like mistletoe and holly that can be composted when Christmas is over.

6. Remember the house doesn’t need to be festive when no one is home. Don’t forget to turn out unnecessary lights.

7. Make a New Year’s green resolution, whether it’s being better at recycling or adding some solar panels.

Finally, a Very Merry Christmas! We'll leave you with a suprisingly Yorkshire sounding Elvis' eco penguin Christmas song:

Image: Miwok

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