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Is the future high speed internet with solar panels as receivers in remote areas? Li-Fi rather than Wi-Fi?

Posted by Jason Ramsdale on 4 July 2016 at 10:15 am

There is a new way of transporting data on the horizon and it's Li-Fi (Light-Fidelity). Boasting speeds 100x quicker than traditional Wi-Fi connections, Li-Fi has a theoretical top speed of 224 Gbps. To put that in perspective it means you could download 10 DVD quality movies, 1600 songs and 80,000 emails in a single second. Li-Fi uses LED lightbulbs to transmit data by making subtle, high-speed changes in the LEDs light intensity output which can be detected by a receiver. Things get really interesting when you find out that standard solar panels can be used as a receiver. This is promising news giving the possibility for high speed internet to be literally beamed into remote homes through solar panels on their roof. Pioneer Harold Haas believe the technology could be ready to go within the next couple of years.


TED talk by Harold Haas.

Image: Harold Haas.

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Sara Lou

Sara LouComment left on: 15 August 2016 at 9:49 pm

I simply love this idea, it kills two birds with one stone so to speak. Just imagine if the fastest internet around was only availabel via solar panels, their take up rate would literally go through the roof with everyone wanting them. Fingers crossed this technology gets the investment it needs and can become a major force for change in the energy world.

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