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Energy vampires are real and exist in your home!

Posted by Jason Ramsdale on 28 October 2016 at 9:50 am

Vampire draw, phantom loads and no-load power are all terms used to refer to the phenomenon of electricity being consumed by appliances that are “switched off” or in "stand-by mode". These appliances can run up your electricity bill and can easily add up to a hundred pounds per year.

  • Mobile phone chargers - Having a fully charged phone plugged in will use around 2 watts. Left in 24/7 this can add up to a couple of pounds a year.
  • TVs - Depending on the TV, they could be using 2-7 watts, that’s up to £7 per year.
  • Cable boxes - Cable boxes left on standby use around 18 watts, that's £18 per year!
  • Digital Video Recorder - A DVR left on standby can use as mammoth 36 watts that's about £36 over the year!
  • Video game consoles - Games consoles turned off use a couple of watts, meaning a couple of pounds per year.
  • PCs in Sleep Mode - PCs in sleep mode use around 10 watts, so that's a tenner every year.
  • Laptop chargers - Chargers plugged in without the laptop connected can still use 5 watts adding up to around a fiver a year.
  • Monitors, printers and devices - All of your computers peripherals could use 1 or 2 watts adding up to a few pounds per year.
  • Microwaves - Microwaves left on standby often use 2-3 watts, costing a couple of pounds per year.

Tracking down energy vampires has become easier thanks to wireless electricity monitors. This can be done when calculating your baseload power by turning appliances off one at a time. To avoid having to switch off or unplug the devices each time you could invest in a Ecotek Standby Saver socket which cuts the power to appliances when they go into standby and turns them back on when you use the remote. One of their cheekier adverts is shown below:

While slaying energy vampires will never cut your energy bills entirely, every little can help to bring the costs down.


Energy useage rates taken from

Image: Vampire by Alex F

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