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A message from the sun

Posted by Jason Ramsdale on 1 April 2016 at 11:25 am

Here at YouGen we are no stranger to recording our Solar PV data. Each day we like to record our daily kWp. Nothing stood out as unusual until we noticed the centre value of last month...

Step 1

Thinking that 6.66 was strangely close to 666 (aka the number of the beast), we decided to do a little digging. But how to start? Well we did what any good investigator would do... Start by drawing triangles:

Step 2

We found the numbers 1.9, 2.1 and 1.4. Each seeming meaningless at first, but if we took each digit to represent a letter of the alphabet, i.e A=1 B=2 etc, the first triangle we uncovered spelt out the word S-U-N. Odd! The next obvious step would be to investigate the same triangle inverted:

Step 3

This was when we started to get excited. This spelt out G-O-D... Had we uncovered a message from a Sun God? It was curious but still could be coincidence, so we then decoded the the dates that were included in the overlap of both triangles:

Step 4

This spelt out I-M- H-E-L-I-O-S. Our suspicions had been confirmed; Helios was the ancient greek personification of the Sun.

Further, decoding revealed that the four corners were represented by E-F-W-A, or Earth, Fire, Water and Air, the four fundemental elements.

Step 5

Finally, on noticing our diary had two columns of undecoded dates we set to work revealing them:

Step 6

A-P-R-I-L F-O-O-L-S!

If you have a question about anything in the above blog, please ask it in the comments section below.

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