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Roses are red, but holidays can be green

Posted by Anna Carlini on 10 February 2016 at 11:20 am

Are you craving a little time alone with your partner this Valentine's day? If you are looking for a trip which doesn’t break the bank or the environment, why not think about going on a green getaway?

"Green travelling" or "Eco-tourism" is a globally growing trend. Many holiday providers are jumping onto the eco "wave" by quickly making changes to improve their energy efficiency. Although in reality it is very difficult to be entirely green when travelling, there are many ways to cut down those carbon emissions and leave a fainter footprint behind.


The best way to limit your emissions while getting to your destination is by being careful with the kind of transport you use. Use public transport or cycle when you can. Trains, buses and ferries are all greener types of transport, as the amount of emissions is divided between the number of passengers, but a car with low emissions carrying a family could also be efficient.

And whenever possible, avoid flying!

Where to stay

In recent years there has been a boom in accommodation which is sensitive to the planet in some way. For example, there is a long list of unusual places to stay including yurts, treehouses and eco-cabins, which come under the umbrella term ‘glamping’ (glamorous camping). This offers the best bits of camping; getting ‘back to basics’ and being out in nature, while having the comfort of a proper bed and a change from your ordinary holiday home.

But there are also many hotels, self-caterings and guesthouses that have undergone a complete over-haul of their energy systems to become as carbon neutral as possible.

Bryn Elltyd eco-guesthouse in Blaenau Ffestiniog, Snowdonia, offers a stay in a guest house refurbished for a remarkable 92% carbon saving, qualifying it for SuperHome status. Among many other energy saving home improvements, it has been fitted with solar panels, a biomass boiler, a wood stove and solar heating. Staying in eco-friendly accommodation like this is not only a relaxing break away, but may also give inspiration for personal home renovations.

Enjoying your eco-holiday

Once you are settled in, remember that there are so many fun things to do which are not only harmless to the surroundings, but encourage you to enjoy them. Go horse riding, cycling or find a guided walk. Eat and buy local produce and support local businesses. These are great ways of cutting down transport emissions while also exploring the character of the area.

From all of us at YouGen, we hope you fall in love with energy efficient holidays this Valentine.

Source: Green Traveller

Image (rose): Benefit of hindsight

Image (guesthouse): SuperHomes

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