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The final nail in the coffin for the Green Deal

Posted by Gabby Mallett on 4 March 2016 at 1:30 pm

I know most people thought the Green Deal was dead and buried when the government announced in July 2015 that they wouldn’t provide any more support to the Green Deal Finance Company. But there was still some support for it within DECC and some legacy projects still required some Green Deal qualifications.

The Green Deal Communities Fund, which has been providing grants for energy efficiency installations in many local authority areas, still required a Green Deal Assessment (GDA) when an installation of Solid Wall Insulation (SWI) was considered and still required beneficiaries to use Green Deal qualified installers.This latter requirement has already been relaxed, as Green Deal Installers for some types of installations have become hard to find, with many installers not seeing the benefit of renewing their accreditation. Although the requirement is still there for a GDA when SWI is installed, the scheme will close at the end of March. No doubt future schemes will have revised requirements. 

The last remaining support for Green Deal Assessments was that they were a requirement to access the Renewable Heat Incentive. That last remaining hurdle to their demise was removed late yesterday when DECC announced that it was removing the requirement and will instead be relying on information from an Energy Performance Certificate.

The EPC is provided by a Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA), many of whom are also trained to deliver Green Deal Assessments. This is very disappointing news for all of those who have spent a considerable amount of money to gain this additional qualification, which will no longer be needed. The market for EPCs has probably reached the bottom with current costs staying at around £50 each, which some would say is a loss-leading price, despite the amount of information needed for a DEA to produce an EPC steadily increasing. The GDA takes much longer to complete and costs in the region of £150, which means that these assessors have also lost a potential revenue stream.

There is now space for Government to come up with a new plan to help to assess all our inefficient homes and to employ all these Green Deal Assessors with no jobs. Hopefully, any new or extended qualification for DEAs devised by the Government for the assessment of existing buildings will take account of the qualifications and experience that these existing assessors already have.


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