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Battery storage guidance for solar PV installers and sellers

Posted by Anna Carlini on 22 April 2016 at 12:45 pm

More and more installers are receiving interest in incorporating battery storage into packages with solar PV systems. Following the recent cuts to the solar PV Feed-in Tariff (FiT), the previously niche area of battery storage has become a popular option for consumers looking to use more of the power their panels generate themselves. To answer a need in this growing area of the industry, Renewable Energy Assurance Limited (REAL) has published a guide for installers and sellers of solar PV to help in this time of adaptation to the current solar panel market.

The guide is broken down into three useful sections: 

  1. Information to provide before a sale
    The first part focusses on the information an installer should give before a sale is made. It gives a bullet pointed list of key information that must be given before making a sale, to fully inform the customer and protect the installer from misunderstandings. For example, an installer should indicate to the consumer what will happen with the battery storage in the event of a power cut: will the PV system continue to operate or not? It also includes a useful grid that installers can use to present information to the consumer with clarity.
  2. Presenting the financial benefits
    The second section goes on to give guidance on presenting the financial benefits of battery systems. This section gives clear advice on presenting the MCS-certified elements of a deal, as a consumer must be able to compare the prices of MCS elements within a bundle, in order to compare against different deals from other providers. This section also gives advice for making general claims about financial benefits and individual claims for customers, including estimating the potential benefits.
  3. Suggested wording for quotes
    And finally, the third section gives lists of suggested wording to use as an installer or seller.

So this guide may really be of use to an installer turning to selling battery storage in this time of transition. As REAL states, it is very important that installers provide consumers with sufficient information and this guide helps to ease that process.

Read the battery storage guidance for installers here. There is also a guide for consumers here.


Image: Mali Mish

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