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Zero Carbon Hub closed down

Posted by Alex Barrett on 1 April 2016 at 12:30 pm

The Zero Carbon Hub has ceased operation as of the 31 March 2016. Industry funding for the organisation was withdrawn after the government decided to abandon targets on zero carbon housing last year.

A statement from the zero carbon hub has now announced that the organisation has ceased operations [1], going into a “dormant” state [2]. The website will be maintained, but offices have closed and the organisation will no longer be working with industry.

The Zero Carbon Hub was set up in 2008 to implement plans by the labour government for all new houses to be zero carbon from 2016. Similar targets for non-domestic buildings would have been in place from 2019. In the eight years since its foundation the zero carbon hub has coordinated the implementation of low carbon building practices and helped industry to transition to building zero carbon homes.

Neil Jefferson, the organisation’s Chief Executive stated that: “the industry has come a very long way and Zero Carbon Hub has made a significant contribution by engaging government, industry and consumer interests and successfully translating policy ambitions into practicable standards and guidance."

However the current government scrapped these targets in the budget of July 2015, a decision which has led to considerable criticism. An open letter from industry leaders warned that “Abandoning the zero carbon policy will have regressive impacts and be harmful to British industry.”[3]

The director of the Hub has expressed hope that the organisation might be able to return if a future government reverses the current policy on zero carbon buildings [2]. For the time being however it will cease operations.

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Image credit:  Logo of the Zero Carbon Hub


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