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Updated feed-in tariff guidelines for school and community installations (2016)

Posted by Alex Barrett on 7 June 2016 at 1:55 pm

Ofgem has published an updated set of guidelines for schools and community organisations applying for the renewable energy feed-in tariff (FiT).

There have been a variety of changes to this scheme over the last few years, so this document sets out the current procedure for these organisations to apply. It outlines which organisations qualify for the feed-in tariff and the requirements they must meet in order to benefit from it. It replaces draft guidelines that were published in April 2013.

This document covers renewable energy installations with up to 50kW Declared Net Capacity (DNC). Originally the FiT only covered energy generation by Solar Photovoltaic systems (Solar PV). However it now includes a range of small scale renewable energy generation technologies.

Who does this document apply to?

These guidelines are for non-domestic installations, so they don’t apply to householders or those wanting to install solar panels on residential buildings. They instead outline how schools and community organisations can apply for the scheme.

The definition of a community organisation has been updated to include charities, and their wholly owned subsidiaries. This category also covers co-operative societies, community benefits and community interest companies. A company or charity must have fewer than 50 employees in order to be able to quality.

School installations include those operated by schools, academies, further education and sixth form colleges. It does not cover universities and specialist institutes.

What does it cover?

The document is a summary of the changes made to the scheme over the last few years, rather than introducing new changes. It discusses changes made in 2012 and 2015. It sets out the qualifying criteria and the procedure for applying for the feed-in tariff. It should prove useful for anyone considering installing renewable energy systems on a community building.  

The document can be downloaded from the Ofgem website here (links to pdf). It should be consulted in conjunction with existing information on the feed-in tariff available from the Ofgem website.

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