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Why it pays to use a recommended solar panel installer

Posted by Alex Barrett on 10 June 2016 at 4:05 pm

When you invest in solar panels, you want to know that you will be getting a good deal. Most installers deal reputably with their customers, but there will always be a few who do not. Sometimes a company might not be reliable, other times the deal they offer might actually be a con.

Three fraudulent solar salesmen have just been jailed following proceedings at the Birmingham Crown Court. During 2011 the conmen ran “Solar Energy Limited UK”, and later “Solar 4 Free UK”. Both “companies” claimed to have funding from investors to install free solar panels. They persuaded vulnerable people that they would be getting a too-good-to-be-true deal and then asked for an administration fee of up to £300 to get the non-existent solar panels installed.

More than 23 victims were taken in, and two households were tricked into paying £3000 to cover the costs of an installation which never took place. The director of the two companies will now spend 27 months in prison, and has been banned from acting as director of a company for the next six years. His accomplices have received shorter sentences.

This case drives home the need to ensure that the salesmen you deal with are legitimate. One of the main purposes of YouGen is to help you to find a reliable installer through our "find an installer" system. It is always worth checking that other people have been happy with the service they have received before you agree to work with an installer. We provide recomendations and reviews from those who have dealt with a company in the past.

This blog contains some tips on avoiding “solar sharks” or “cowboy installers”. Essentially it is important to ensure that you are not pressured into making a spot decision, but that you take the time to properly evaluate what you are being offered and compare with what other installers can provide. Always make sure that the installer comes highly recommended by those who have used them before, and that their company is providing a legitimate service.

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Image Credit: Rooftop solar panels by Solar Energy World, LLC via flickr.



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