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Exciting battery storage trial for Milton Keynes estate residents

Posted by Chloe Lloyd on 30 May 2017 at 10:40 am

Everybody loves a freebie right? Especially when it involves sustainable energy. Western Power Distribution’s (WPD) Low Voltage (LV) Connect and Manage project is currently offering a free trial to residents in Furzton, Milton Keynes to help develop battery power technologies.

Some households in Furzton with Solar PV are already taking part and benefitting from the trial. This is through having over £6,000 worth of battery storage technology installed to help store energy generated from their PV system. The battery is installed in the garage and its purpose is to store generated energy to make sure that the household is still able to use clean, reliable and free electricity even when the sun is not shining.

You may be thinking that because you don’t have solar PV you can’t take part, well don’t stop reading just yet! A new part of the yearlong trial means that WPD are now inviting households without PV to also be a part of developing the battery power technology. If you are on a tariff where you get cheaper electricity at night (for example, Economy 7), you will be able to charge the installed battery technology at night and use your stored energy when you need it, which will hopefully reduce your monthly energy bill.

Along with the free technology, you will also receive £100.00 towards your electricity bill. Don’t worry if you are not on a tariff where electricity is cheaper at night, WPD will still pay the £100.00 towards your electricity bill.

During the trial, information on the battery’s technical data will be automatically fed back to WPD. The only input needed from the household will be through completing a short survey to report how the battery is functioning, so very little effort is required for lots of energy saving freebies! What is even better, at the end of the trial you can keep the battery and carry on storing your energy along with saving money on your bills.

So if you live in Furzton, Milton Keynes get in contact with WPD at 01908 991606 or find out more information here: to be a part of a trial which will save you money whilst helping develop sustainable energy technology!

For residents who do not live in Furzton, don’t worry! It’s definitely worth keeping your eye out for any future trials should this be successful. Battery storage technology is becoming more and more common as a way to continue to use clean energy during times where your PV panels may not be generating. Hopefully, trials similar to this will be widely rolled out to increase the knowledge of storage and PV, how it will work and how it may benefit your PV system. 

Image credit: Andy Armstrong

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