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Observer Ethical awards Winners 2011

The YouGen code of conduct

We expect all company members of YouGen to take customer service seriously and as a minimum to pledge to meet the following standards in their dealings with customers.

They will:

  • Be polite and honest.
  • Inform you in advance if they make a charge for surveys.
  • Turn up when they say they will, and reschedule in advance if they can't.
  • Treat your house and property with care and respect, and leave it clean.
  • Give a written quotation for the cost of installation; with prices itemised and broken down, and a clear schedule for payments.
  • Give a written estimate of how much energy the product is likely to generate in a format that is easy for the lay reader to understand.
  • Advise you before they go ahead, if they discover something undetected at survey that will alter the quoted price.
  • Give you a signed contract before going ahead with the work
  • Deal with any complaints quickly and professionally.

They will not:

  • Apply pressure sales techniques
  • Ask you to sign up on the day
  • Inflate the price, and then offer you a discount for signing up on the day
  • Overstay their welcome (sales meetings will not exceed 2 hours except in exceptional circumstances)
  • Make unrealistic claims for the product