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Observer Ethical awards Winners 2011

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The YouGen Code

We expect all company members of YouGen to take customer service seriously and as a minimum to pledge to meet the following standards in their dealings with customers.

They will:

  • Be polite and honest.
    Inform you in advance if they make a charge for surveys
  • Turn up when they say they will, and reschedule in advance if they can’t.
  • Treat your house and property with care and respect, and leave it clean.
  • Give a written quotation for the cost of installation; with prices itemised and broken down, and a clear schedule for payments.
  • Give a written estimate of how much energy the product is likely to generate in a format that is easy for the lay reader to understand. 
  • Advise you before they go ahead, if they discover something undetected at survey that will alter the quoted price.
  • Give you a signed contract before going ahead with the work
  • Deal with any complaints quickly and professionally.

They will not:

  • Apply pressure sales techniques
  • Ask you to sign up on the day
  • Inflate the price, and then offer you a discount for signing up on the day
  • Overstay their welcome (sales meetings will not exceed 2 hours except in exceptional circumstances)
  • Make unrealistic claims for the product

We introduced a Code for all companies in our directory on 11 May 2011. All new companies must sign up to it, and we have begun a campaign to ensure that those already in our database also sign up to it. If you think any company that you found through our directory has not complied with the Code, click here to let us know.

Introduction to the YouGen directory

We have two directories on YouGen.

In the company directory you can search for installers and other businesses offering renewable energy and energy efficiency products and services. You can refine your search by company type, by technology type and by location. Selecting local companies only will display those actually based in your county. If you want to broaden the choice available to you, then click on 'companies that work here'.

Companies in the directory are encouraged to seek feedback and recommendations from their customers, so that you can distinguish between them, and choose one that meets your requirements. If you have already installed some form of renewable energy, and are happy with the service you got, please recommend your installer.

Click here to search the company directory. Click here to add your business to the company directory.

Individuals can add their profile to the site, and add information that they found useful when installing renewable energy, or help others avoid problems that they encountered along the way. In the individual directory you can search for people who have installed the renewable technology that you are interested in, and / or for local people interested in it. We have an internal email system, so you can send messages or ask questions if you want. It is free to add your profile to the individual directory.

Click here to search the individual directory.

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