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Observer Ethical awards Winners 2011


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Energy saving

Heating & hot water
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All of England
All of Northern Ireland
All of Scotland
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Company description

At IMMERSUN We strive to bring the power of renewable energy to your household. The IMMERSUN will utilise your unused renewable energy from Solar Panels, Wind turbines or Hydroelectrcity and use this to heat up to 3 loads! This means that you can heat your Immersion Cylinder, Underfloor Heating, Electric Radiators and more using FREE electricity! The IMMERSUN even works with battery charging systems if you want to store some of your energy for later use!

Using the IMMERSUN in a typical household with 3kW Solar Panels and 3kW loads (i.e. Immersion Heater) will save you up to £250 per year!
If you are using a larger system you can link up to 5 IMMERSUNs together to get 5x the saving!

Why pay for your hot water and heating when you can get it for free? Check us out at and make the most of the free renewable energy that surrounds you every day!

How we work

Company Type: Manufacturer, Wholesaler,

Markets we work in: Community, Domestic, New build, Private sector, Public sector, Renovation, Retrofit,

Products we supply: IMMERSUN:
Award winning Renewable Power Diverter for your home, get free hot water and free heating!

Remote monitoring from Smartphone or Tablet

Wireless Sensor:
Cable-free high accuracy surplus detection

Site visits and quotes: Check us out at and make the most of the free renewable energy that surrounds you every day!

After sales service: Full technical support
1 year warranty
Reduced Energy bills

Need to know information

Date established: 30/04/2015

MCS certification: N/A

NB: to be certain that this information is up to date check on the MCS website before you go ahead.

Environmental policy? Yes

Accredited environmental management scheme? None

Do you measure your company's carbon footprint? No

Insurance policies in place to protect consumers?: N/A

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