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Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy

1. YouGen is an un-moderated website, and so we have put in place policies and procedures which aim to make it easy and simple to report any inappropriate content

2. The National Energy Foundation (NEF) will ensure that there are buttons encouraging users to report inappropriate posts on all pages of the website that contain user-generated content.

3. Users wishing to report inappropriate material will click on the button to complete an online form which is emailed to the website administrator. Incoming emails will be checked for complaints daily during office hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm). We also publish our address and phone number on the Contact Us section of the YouGen website.

4. The website administrator will edit or take down any posts which contravene the website's terms of use. This will be done on the day of receipt of the complaint where possible, and always within two days of receipt.

5. Companies are informed each time someone reviews their services. An email is generated automatically as soon as the review is posted, containing a link to the review. The supplier is offered the opportunity to respond and, where appropriate, their response is published on the website alongside the review. We reserve the right to remove company profiles from the website if complaints outweigh recommendations.

6. Users are discouraged from submitting negative reviews. Throughout the site we refer to and invite 'recommendations', not reviews. However, we anticipate that some people will leave negative reviews. If complaints are received about a negative review it will be temporarily suspended pending further investigation by the website administrator. If appropriate, we will contact both reviewer and company with further questions to substantiate any disputed claims they have made. We will not reinstate the review without first informing the complainant why we believe it to be appropriate. If the complainant is still not satisfied the complaint will be referred to a single arbitrator to be appointed jointly.

7. NEF will permanently remove any reviews that bring ongoing disputes between supplier and customer into the public domain.

8. If for any reason this complaints policy is not adhered to NEF will apologise in writing to the person making the complaint.

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