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Observer Ethical awards Winners 2011
2009 Green Web Awards Winner!

Andrew McGowan energy experts General

Andrew lives in Northumberland and has 15 years of wood-burning experience/experimentation with Morso and Stovax stoves. 

His stove is used whenever possible as a supplement to his gas central heating. When the fire heats the room beyond 18C the boiler control turns off his central heating. 

Andrew is keen to minimise his carbon footprint, run an battery electric car (Leaf), grow some of his own food, make his own compost, and have 2.45MWp solar panels on his small roof, an ongoing ‘super-insulation’ project in his home ('Rockwool’ in cavity walls, 100mm extruded polystyrene in loft, draught-proofing, plans to insulate window reveals, eventually Argon-filled double-glazing replacements, possibly heat-recovery-ventilation).

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