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Observer Ethical awards Winners 2011
2009 Green Web Awards Winner!

Andrew Warner

Green Technologies and Solutions was set up by Andrew Warner, who was a commercial energy adviser for one of the country’s biggest renewable energy installers. It was set up to  provide a vital, but lacking service, to prospective adopters of renewable energies.

Its role is to give totally impartial advice to the customer on which technologies they should be looking at and who are the most suitable companies in the UK to provide them.

Andrew has advised hundreds of SME businesses, from agricultural owner managed businesses, to engineering companies with their own in house maintenance and energy departments.

Andrew’s experience across so many different sectors and technologies has given him a much more balanced insight into how different consumption habits call for a technology or several technologies which suit that habit, not just the energy they require.

Andrew has also spent over a decade consulting with businesses on financial planning, so he has a very clear understanding of all things financial, including, tax implications, capital borrowing, inflation, ROI planning, which is the key decision factor for any business considering renewable technologies.


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