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Observer Ethical awards Winners 2011
2009 Green Web Awards Winner!

Ross Lammas energy experts Appliances

Ross Lammas has extensive hands-on experience of green building techniques and design. These including timber frame building construction, natural insulation products, use of solar gain heating, ground source heat pumps and small wind turbine micro generation. Plus he's a bit of a anorak when it comes to energy efficient electricals!

In 2006 Ross developed sust-it. The inspiration for an energy efficiency comparison site for electricals, came about after he designed and built an eco-house and office, (finalist in the Grand Designs Eco-house Awards 2007). He was frustrated by the lack of available information on electrical goods, and began researching the subject.

Having extensive knowledge and experience in producing many types of communications media, Ross used his background in design, to create an unique, easily understandable, way of presenting energy efficiency information to consumers of electrical appliances.

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