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The greentomatoenergy team

The greentomatoenergy blog posts are written by whichever member of the team has something new and interesting to talk about on one of their projects. They all focus on different things, which means that you’ll get the benefit of their wider pool.

Marine Sanchez
Marine is greentomatoenergy’s engine room.  She carries out most of our energy surveys and will chase you for your energy bills to prove that her advice is correct.  She graduated with an M.Eng from the illustrious French engineering school, Ecole Centrale de Nantes.  She also has an MSc in sustainable building from Oxford Brooks.   

Alexander Rice
Alex is greentomatoenergy’s engineering guru.  He graduated with an M.Eng in new and renewable energy in 2007 and has worked in the solar PV industry in the US.  His main interest is now in energy efficiency and refurbishment strategy and works on all of our retrofit projects.  He’s in charge of ensuring that we’re aware of relevant new technologies.  He currently testing out a variety of new products on his own home and regularly arrives in the office with DIY cuts and bruises.  

Inigo Harrison-Topham
Our onsite manager ensures that greentomatoenergy’s installations (whatever the technology) are completed to the client’s satisfaction.  Loved by housewives across the country, not just because he ensures that houses are kept clean and tidy on our installations!

Keal Wilson
Keal works on greentomatoenergy’s solar PV team.  He has worked on countless installations in his native Australia and has lived through numerous Feed-in-Tariff changes, including retrospective ones!  They don’t bother him anymore.

Akta Raja
Our managing director keeps an eye on all things.  That’s all there is to say about her.

Tom Pakenham
Our chairman helped build the passivhaus he lives in.  He’ll tell you about how comfortable it is and not to renovate a house to passivhaus standards when you’ve a baby on the way.

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