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How to make your home warmer, cosier and
cheaper to run

Independent Energy Report Pilot

Parity Project Report
"I have a leaky Victorian property and decided to enrol for a Parity Masterplan... I was most impressed by the careful thought given to solving two specific problems which had defeated us (and various builders) for some years. I can recommend them without hesitation."
- Mike Barnes
"Parity Projects delivered on many levels... I think we would all do well too not underestimate the effectiveness of a report like this, and what it can do for your low carbon journey."
- Sam Simson
"Parity Projects provided an introduction to the ‘ecobuild’ scene with a friendly service, which invited questions about anything I did not understand. They carried out a detailed survey with no stones left unturned for a very reasonable rate. A follow-up phone called helped me to understand the immense detail in the sizeable report I had received by post which empowered me to make decisions about many of the investments."
- Tom Walmsley
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