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Testimonials - what people say about YouGen

“[YouGen] has become one of the top 5 referring sites that sends customers to our website. All of our staff across 6 offices love YouGen and everyone here thinks that it is great to have an independent site with useful and clear information to send people to! Our customers really appreciate good honest advice and YouGen provides it by the Bucketful. There are so many companies in the solar industry at the moment, many of them are dishonest. We hear regularly from customers who have had the double glazing approach and we know that it is important for homeowners to talk to several different companies, so we send people to YouGen to find other reputable companies in their area. Being able to sent customers to our YouGen page’s is great – they can see unbiased view of what we are like to work with.” - Vicky Treen, Southern Solar
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“A popular blog, with a useful filter enabling you to find posts by selecting the category you’re interested in. The host site is a mine of information about all aspects of renewable energy for the home.”- Centre for Alternative Technology
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“Another way to find a reputable installer is to look on the excellent website, set up by Cathy Debenham, who lives in a ­­­­ low-carbon home in Devon. The site describes how each technology works, the costs and any pitfalls. It also has a forum on which individuals can recommend installers they have used, all with an Amazon-style rating.” - Miles Brignall, The Guardian
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“The site is great and we have definitely gained work in the last 12 months from our customers looking at YouGen” – tweeted by @RedmileEnergy

“First to say how impressed I am with this site as a new member. I have learned more about solar energy in a short while than in many weeks of hunting around. I wish I had known about it earlier!”- homeowner, PW

“It’s a great central resource for renewable energy customers to find information that they need about products they probably have very little information about. It is such a new industry and people don’t have much experience on which to base expectations. What is more, many companies do not have the resources to provide this quality of information online.

“It allows our customers to recommend us to others who are seriously looking at purchasing solar systems for those prospects to get a picture of our amazing service from people other than us. Our MD Howard Johns also has an experts blog on the site and this builds his, and subsequently our, credibility and allows people to find out more about our values. It is a safe, informational rather than salesy, environment for customers to find out the facts about RE – I’d imagine people trust the information they see there. It’s also socially integrated, meaning people can share stories and discuss in greater detail. I only see it growing as people’s interest in renewable energy technology increases.” - Phil Nelms, Southern Solar, Bristol See Southern Solar’s profile

“I think your blog is fantastic.” - Angus Wilby, EDF

“Keep up the good work on your very impressive attempt at offering an unbiased professional look at the renewable energy sector.” - Keith Thomas, Windtricity

“We have been very impressed by YouGen’s approach to renewable energy.  It is doing a fantastic job helping to make renewable energy more accessible  and the customers who come to us through YouGen are always well informed and serious about having renewable energy systems installed.  Our customers have definitely found it helpful to have such an up to date and well rounded resource available to them.  It is also great to have having an independent arena for people to leave their feedback.  It ensures that people thinking about renewable energy get an accurate picture about the installer or system they are considering from those who have first-hand experience.” - Ellen Rodger, SunGift Solar See SunGift Solar’s profile

"Being highly recommended on YouGen has definitely brought us warm leads. The more people that know about our excellent service, as testified by YouGen well informed customers the better."- David Hunt, Eco-Environments See Eco-Environment’s profile

“YouGen are a fantastic resource for us, as it gives our customers the opportunity to share their experiences with us and also gives us a resource to show potential customers what our current customers think of us and our work. It is important for us to use the credibility of real-life testimonials to show how we work as a company and to reinforce the positive view of our company on a local and national basis.”  – Francesca Minett, Eco2Solar See Eco2Solar’s profile

“YouGen lends reassurance to householders approaching their first installation by being able to see what other people have made of a potential installer. It benefits our business by providing credible feedback from existing customers. We get 25% of our business through YouGen.”- Simon Robinson, Solinvictus See Solinvictus’s profile

“YouGen gives impartial, clear and concise advice to all parties of the renewable sector and those looking to install those technologies. The information given is always up to date and current with what is happening in the industry. The recommendations on the website from previous clients, gives the customer the ability and confidence to choose from trusted suppliers. This is not only beneficial to the prospective client but to the industry as a whole.

“Since Southern Solar became affiliated with YouGen we have noticed that we have had a steady stream of clients that have contacted us after visiting the YouGen web site. They usually have a greater understanding of the product and the technology that they would like to install, this is beneficial to us as we can talk them through the process much quicker and on a more technical level. We also direct clients to the website, so that they can see the recommendations from our customers and if they require any further reading.” - Benjamin Wade, Southern Solar, Hampshire See Southern Solar’s profile

“YouGen provides up to date reliable information on renewable technologies and government policies. It is the first (only) port of call when I need to know what the latest news is on the Renewable Heat Incentive.” - Helen Taylor, Perthshire Biofuels See Perthshire Biofuels profile

“The web site is very fresh and easy to navigate, The forum has interesting and informative topics,  It is independent and honest. It benefits my business because I refer potential customers to it to read comments from our existing customers. It is good to be associated with an ethically-run, independent website.” - Stuart Houghton, Abacus Renewable Energy See Abacus Renewable Energy’s profile

“We at Southern Solar like YouGen because you have the same approach to renewable energy as we do.  You mirror our passion for breaking the addiction to fossil fuels and making renewable energy a ‘normal’ way of life. YouGen provides our potential customers with lots of information about solar panels and solar energy enabling them to be confident in their decision.  We have received a few enquiries from people who have found our details on your website.  Your website allows our customers to post their own recommendations about us and given YouGen’s reputation this really helps our credibility." - Paula Urry, Southern Solar, Hereford See Southern Solar’s profile

“Yougen is an informative independent site with a huge database of information pertinent to any customer wishing to make an informed decision on the installation of renewable and energy saving measures. As a renewable installation company and energy saving experts it is vital for us to be able to point our customers to an independent website in order for them to ‘back up’ our story and also find real comments from our customers.” - Mark Cawood, Manor Solar See Manor Solar’s profile

“YouGen are a very well informed and knowledgeable company when it comes to renewable technologies and its format is simple yet very effective. Generating enquiries is our main reason for joining YouGen along with wanting to partner with like minded people who want to get the positive message out there and the fantastic opportunities that renewable energy has to offer. Potential clients can feel comfortable approaching companies on their site.” - Chris Cash, Eclipse Energy See Eclipse Energy’s profile

“We like Yougen because it let's our potential customers  'check us out' before appointing us to carry out their works. The site is easy to use and the regular bulletins regarding changes within the industry are invaluable.” - Aileen Pollard, The Solar Energy Centre See The Solar Energy Centre’s profile

“Customer service is brilliant, always answer calls and queries promptly. the website is easy to use and navigate around for businesses and also for our customers. The blogs are a brilliant source of information and very interesting to see other installers/customers thoughts. The site benefits to us as a company is customers looking to install can look  onto our profile and see feedback from other customers to help them make an informed decision on which may be the best company to choose to install for them.

The website has extremely clear information on all of the technologies so customers who do not know anything about a technology can read all of the clear information on YouGen and be able to understand clearly what is involved in that technology and how it works.” - Gabriel Wondrausch, SunGift Solar See SunGift Solar’s profile