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YouGen press release

Questions asked around sudden closure of green deal home improvement fund

Posted on 25 July 2014 at 2:14 pm

The renewable energy consumer website has today responded to the news of the sudden closure of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund.

YouGen editor Tasha Kosviner said:

"The GDHIF was welcome news to the thousands of households who were unable to claim solid wall insulation following the cuts to ECO. For the fund to run out just six weeks after launch is a big blow to both households and the renewable energy industry.

"Households who have paid for a green deal assessment in anticipation of claiming £100 back through GDHIF are now out of pocket and installers who registered with GDHIF in the hopes of increasing business from the scheme have also been left out in the cold.

"Questions must also be asked about how more than £60m worth of vouchers came to be claimed in just two days. DECC need to look urgently and carefully at all the GDHIF vouchers that have been issued to ensure that all the claims made are genuine and will genuinely be benefiting those for whom the scheme was intended."

For more information contact Tasha Kosviner, 07795 007792 or

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