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YouGen press release

Renewable energy made easy for householders promises new website

Posted on 9 April 2009 at 10:12 am

People in the UK who want renewable energy, such as biomass boilers, solar panels or wind turbines, for their home, or to make it more energy efficient, will benefit from a new website. YouGen aims to bring all the advice people need on microgeneration together, in one place, making it easier to turn a house into an eco home.

Ignorance and not knowing where to go for information are just two of the reasons people new to energy efficiency and renewable energy often give up their search and stay with conventional sources of energy.

YouGen helps them to overcome these barriers by providing well-researched, independent information and, for those who want to go into the subject in depth, it provides links to places where they can find more detailed information.

The lively renewable energy blog adds to the range of information available, and enables both individuals and industry professionals to add comments and join in and discuss issues they are interested in. 

"I noticed that there was a gap in the information available when we were renovating our house and trying to make it as green as possible," says YouGen founder Cathy Debenham. "While it was easy to find information about how the various low carbon technologies work, it was more difficult to work out which was appropriate for our house.

"We couldn't tell whether a ground source heat pump would be better than solar thermal panels; a wind turbine better than photovoltaics. Then, once we did identify what we wanted, and got quotes, it was impossible to assess the claims that suppliers were making and compare the products they offered. So we gave up and got a gas boiler."

YouGen aims to plug that gap. The YouGen information and blog site is now live and YouGen Energy Experts' blog regularly about their technology, answering common questions and giving practical advice. They are all respected specialists or professionals, with excellent knowledge of their technology in the domestic market, who are happy to share their passion and expertise with others.

YouGen is now working on the online community section, which will enable people to add profiles, share their experiences, ask for advice and recommend their supplier. Companies supplying the domestic market will also be able to promote their products and services with a free profile.  It’s due this spring.

"When they're looking for a plumber or a builder most people ask a friend or colleague for recommendations," adds Cathy. "In a market as new as renewable energy, it's often not possible to do that. Using user-generated content, YouGen aims to give people the comfort of word of mouth on the web."

It's easy to browse the information and blog at The site is constantly being updated and new developments will be added regularly, so users are recommended to register on YouGen, so they are first to hear about new functionality as it's added.

Notes to editors:
For more information contact Cathy Debenham, t: 01395 597879,

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