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YouGen press release

YOUGEN comments on the High Court Judgement on solar consultation and on the report on solar power feed-in tariffs from the Energy and Climage Change and Environmental Audit Committees

Posted on 22 December 2011 at 12:12 pm

YouGen greets news from the High Court with mixed feelings

“We are pleased to hear that the High Court has declared DECC’s consultation on the feed-in tariff ‘legally flawed’ and subject to judicial review,” said YouGen founder Cathy Debenham. “91 per cent of respondents to our recent survey declared that a cut off date that preceded the closing date of the consultation was unacceptable, and it’s good to see government held to account on this.

“However, we hope there won’t be a long and damaging period of limbo as a result of this decision. Both consumers and industry need to know where they stand, so they can plan and move forward.”

Additional comments are embargoed to 0.01am, Thursday 22 December 2011.

“We also welcome the thorough analysis of the feed-in tariff process and proposals in the consultation from the Energy and Climate Change and Environmental Audit Committees.

“We have been calling for DECC to uncap the FITs budget, extend the reference date for the introduction of the new tariff, set up a generous community tariff and drop the requirement for buildings to reach EPC (energy performance certificate) level of C to qualify for FITS.

“We are delighted that these are all issues addressed by the committees and hope that DECC will take them on board. Given that DECC did not do a sufficient appraisal before including the feed-in tariffs in its spending review and capping the FITs budget, we trust that they will revisit that decision and make more money available for this popular technology which is rapidly falling in price.

“The report describes the proposal to limit access to the feed-in tariff to the less than 10 per cent of households that meet the highest energy efficiency standards as ‘fatal’. It would be thoroughly inequitable. We hope that DECC will act on the recommendation and remove the requirement – it is important that a tax payer funded incentive is available to all, not just the wealthiest.

“One of the great benefits of the feed-in tariff (in my view) is the way it has enabled community groups to form and raise finance for local renewable energy schemes, which has multiple benefits of getting people interested in energy, giving them ownership of local energy schemes, and getting solar panels and wind turbines onto community buildings. This was threatened by the proposed lower rates, and particularly by the multi-installation rates. We hope that DECC will act on the recommendation to ‘design a community tariff immediately that takes into account the wider impacts on community groups’.”

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