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Ecovolt Ltd by ourblueplanet - 28/04/09

Technology: Solar electricity

Product Make: Romag

Product Name: 170

General review of your supplier

We were about to spend about twice the amount we needed to on Photovoltaic panels from a well-known supplier who recommended big brand name panels. Luckily we came across Ecovolt who produced a very reasonable quote straight away.  Right from the start they also took the time to understand exactly what we wanted, and why, and were also able to explain everything clearly.  This gave us enormous confidence, which was thoroughly justified! Their knowledge of the whole area of home electricity generation was excellent, and they handled everything very professionally. "Everything" in this case is actually quite a lot!  From the practical elements of installation, including the electrical and wiring side, liaising with our electricity suppliers over the installation of an export meter etc. right up to claiming the grant payment (which is WELL worth persuing) it was all explained clearly and sorted for us with the minimum of fuss.  They also were very good at  dealing with the builders working alongside them - which is unusual to say the least! You really need to have confidence in your supplier as installing PV panels should be an investment in generating electricity safely and for free for many, many years to come Ecovolt are therefore HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

What would you have liked to know before you asked suppliers to quote

Before asking suppliers to quote I wanted to know that they were genuine in wanting to help people make greener choices, rather than just making money and / or helping oil companies to appear green.  Ecovolt's passion for this area came across immediately, and that showed in the very reasonable quote they produced.

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