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SunGift Energy by patriktomas - 03/12/11

Technology: Solar electricity

Product Make: Siliken/Solarmax

Product Name: Siliken SLK60M6L-250+SOLARMAX 4200S

General review of your supplier

Design and pre-contract contacts excellent; installation similarly very clean and swift and helpful.  Since install it became evident that the inverter was only producing AC from one string. After notifying them of this perceived fault, it took an undue length of time for their experts to take action to rectify the problem - although this may in part have been due to the level of work they have had on with the impending FIT cuts.  It took the best part of a month for them to accept there was a fault and to replace the inverter.  As yet there has been no indication of any offer of compensation for the value of the FITs lost while the system was performing at half rate. The system does seem to be functioning as it should now, although it is difficult to be absolutely sure now we are into the months of least sun. I was also somewhat surprised not to receive the technical installation documentation circuit diagrams, guarantees and the like for almost 2 months after installation.  Again this may simply have been a consequence of the FIT cuts' induced workload.

What would you have liked to know before you asked suppliers to quote

Simple guidance on how shading losses are estimated;how inverters search for the optimum MPPT points through the day and the methods adopted by various inverter makers to minimise shading losses, in order to inform users as to which inverter may be best for their situation.

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