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It Wont Cost The Earth Ltd by dlh - 19/03/12

Technology: Solar electricity

Product Make: Sanyo panels/Solar Edge inverter

Product Name: 14 x Sanyo 240/ Solar Edge 3000

General review of your supplier

The element that sold IWCTE was the on-line survey, which avoided a sales pitch while asking sensible questions.  This was then followed by a very personal response, one which included warnings about shading from nearby trees visible on Google Earth, consequent problems, and potential ways of minimising the loss.  I always trust those who point out problems and suggest solutions more than those who only provide assurances. The planning and scheduling was done via email with named people, reassuring me that I was getting personal attention. Those who did the installation worked hard, while taking whatever time was required to keep me informed about their intentions and assorted problems as those arose. They humoured my wish to have photos and explanations of every step, a process which left me feeling confident about the quality of their work. During the discussion of shading by mature trees, I was convinced during the planning stage that the extra expenditure on a Solar Edge inverter would pay off in the long term.  I also liked the opportunity presented by the Solar Edge kit to monitor production panel by panel over time.  We settled on Sanyo panels, as the aesthetics of the installation were important, and these provided a black blue against the dark slates of the roof.  In discussing this, it was made clear that considering the appearance was a perfectly normal issue, and suggestions were made that improved on my original proposals.  The installation itself was done by people who clearly knew their jobs as roofers, electricians, and general installers.

What would you have liked to know before you asked suppliers to quote

Shortlisting had to be by guess on the basis of web design and judgement about the validity of recommendations, and web sites did not always make clear what areas of the country would or would not be dealt with by suppliers.

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